A Steadfast Face

Read Luke 9:51-56


Why do you think Jesus’ face was steadfast? (He knew what was coming.) Why then did He go?


Which would you rather: ice cream, or asparagus?

  1. Our bodies want the easy way. So we must train ourselves to endure hardness.
  2. We must have a goal in life. We must fix our eyes on it and let nothing take them from it.

What about people who make it hard for us?

  1. Sometimes we might have to be willing to make some people unhappy so that we can be true to truth.
  2. Yet never do we have to prove the point. In verse 56 Jesus went to another village. When He was opposed, He was kind. But He kept on going.


There are enough wishy-washy people in this world. Please don’t be another one. This world needs people who set their face. I want to be that way. I want you to be that way. Let’s move further up and further in. Come what may.


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