The Cat O’ Nine Tails


What is a cat o’ nine tails?


Read Judges 8:4-17 Gideon was very busy. Tell the story using the following points.

  1. He was chasing the Middianites
  2. 7:25 He received the heads of Oreb and Zeeb
  3. 8:1-3 He settled the dispute with Ephraim
  4. 4-7 He asked bread of Succoth
  5. 8 He asked Penuel for food
  6. He only grew hungrier
  7. 11-12 He captured the last two kings of Midian
  8. Read v 13
  9. 14-16 He found and punished Succoth with briars
  10. 17 He punished Penuel, beat down their tower


When God moves, we shouldn’t just stand by. Don’t be lax if there is work to do.

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