When I went to school we kept containers in the back of the room filled with salamanders or caterpillars. So when I went to teach in southern British Columbia, I decided my class needed a real pet.

My mother, one time bought two emus at a livestock auction. A weakness for the bizarre runs in my blood. I bought a hedgehog.

Here a few things Prickles taught us.

  • hedgehogs sleep during the day
  • hedgehogs use the bathroom while they exercise
  • the prickles are not too sharp
  • hedgehogs eat worms
  • but they can eat cat food
  • hedgehogs are very persistent
  • hedgehogs can escape the cage and hide under the cabinet in the bathroom for several days
  • hedgehogs are not allowed across the US/Canada border without an inspection
  • US border officials can remember your hedgehog for a very long time

Prickles wanted to hide under her food bowl all day. It was dark under there.

When we took the bowl from the cage I learned hedgehogs could climb.
They can also fall.

All in all, we enjoyed Prickles a lot. And none of that class will ever need to try to imagine a hedgehog.

RIP dear friend.

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