Girl Power

Teachers are always on the lookout for the opportunity to drive a point home, and we love it even more if someone else does the driving. Then we sit back and cheer. As I cheered this week.

One of the Dads comes in to lead school devotions every Monday morning. This past Monday it was a Dad who stands close to seven feet tall. Grayish whiskers, large open coat. 

He’s a memorable sort of guy, speaking seriously yet mixing sly jokes in here and there, as a great teacher would.

He laid out his objective right before closing prayer.

“After we pray, I’d like the boys to go stand at the courtyard gate. Just stand there and watch.” He paused as we tried to sort out what he was saying. “And I’d like the girls to give my van a push to get it started.”

In following hush, he hurried on, “It doesn’t take much at all, just a gentle push. And you boys watch quietly and see that the girls are strong too.”

I guess it really unnerved two of the boys because they whispered straight through the prayer, and so received a little of my own teaching later.

At the “Amen” we rushed out to watch.

Another car had parked too closely, so the van had to be pushed back a little.
First the gentle push, then the satisfying purr of the motor.

The Dad thanked the girls heartily. We all cheered.

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