The Scrawl of a Child

I’ve had my share of bad luck over the years. But there comes to every person a break once in a while. A few years back, I got mine.

Meet Claudia.

I began teaching school as a single guy. While I thought it would be great to get married, I figured it might be best to teach while I was still single and could afford to.

But after four years I could see where this was going. I was teaching at a small school in southern British Columbia. It was a four-hour drive to the closest associated church. I was very busy teaching in the boondocks. Which meant I’d never really meet the girls at all.

So I gave myself a year off. In that year I learned that God wanted me to teach. But I still felt like I could be a much better teacher if I were married because of the balance and insight a wife would bring.

In that recess I learned that the plans for my life need to be in hands that aren’t my own.  I learned how much I need to teach. So I committed to another year. If God wanted me to get married I would let Him work it out. He knew how I felt about it. Why hold myself back from His call just because I didn’t feel as complete as I wished to be? Why waste another minute with work I didn’t love?

And God did work out the details. I was dating Claudia by mid July.

Today she teaches with me here in Paltinis. I’ve struck it rich, and am more complete and happy and humbled than I knew I could be.

Excuse me for saying it, but from the looks of things I’m not the only one. This evening I made a final round through the school, flipping off lights in the lunch room. There on the windowsill lay a scrap of paper with the understatement of the year. “Miss Claudia is a good teacher.”

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