Blackboard Deconstructed

Blackboards tell stories. This one tells about our science class. The lesson was about the fossil record. I began with talking about the geological column. Scientists have discovered that sometimes as they dig deeper into the earth’s crust they find simpler life forms. This leads them to believe that simpler life forms existed before complex ones; and this proves the theory of evolution. They have then standardized the geological column and use it to date fossil findings. However many times they find the order of life in the column mixed. In fact, scientists have found places where the column is perfectly inverted.

So evolution doesn’t make so much sense after all.

This shows how scientists suppose the geological column formed. Deluge and dust covered the primitive life forms as more advance forms evolved.

At this point in the lesson we moved to talking about fossils of dinosaurs. The seal-like object is a dinosaur. The item above it is a rooster head.

I was trying to point out the difficulty of arranging pictures and models from skeletons. This dinosaur has a horn. And I want to suggest that for all we can know it may have had a long membrane of skin running down its neck like a mane. The skin may have been the texture of a rooster’s comb and would have decayed quickly, leaving no evidence of its existence. Or maybe the “comb” got frostbite and fell away in the ice age.

We really don’t know. I continued my attempt to prove my point with a picture of a pig. If all we found was the skeleton of a pig we would have little idea as to its real shape. The odd little squiggles in the top picture are the couple bones a scientist may find. From these alone he is tasked with constructing a whole hog. In fact I have caught male pink salmon who had huge humps on their necks. These humps would be hard to know about if a scientists had only a fish skeleton.

Geological columns prove little. Dinosaurs are great, but we may be way off as to what they really looked like. Creation is the best. Class is dismissed.

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