Never Give Up

A school teacher lives in a glass house. From the grandpas asking “What did you learn in school today?” to the songs the sixth graders sing in the shower, all things done at school find their way into every cranny of a community.

I was first introduced to Bambelela about five years ago. The song changed my life, and on one occasion, I believe, actually saved it.

I learned the song under this talented director.

I’ve taught it now to the third school. And I find that with the song, Bambelela becomes kind of a code word in the classroom.

“I don’t see how I will ever learn this Spanish.”


“You mean we have to pound in one hundred nails for this string art?”


I hope the point is being made clear. Never give up. Never, never, never give up. Bambelela.

Sometimes “Bambelela” even reaches beyond the school.

A month ago the school got to share the song at one of our Sunday evening church services.

And I was very blessed when a few weeks later a friend shared a video of his almost-three-year-old.

Never Give Up!

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