Slab wood piles

Teachers need recess too, and I’ve enjoyed many diversions in my days off.

I needed some plywood to use for forms for pouring the stem wall for our little house. So a friend picked some up for me one day while he was in town, and I in the classroom. I told him I needed 22 sheets of 18 mm. He came home with 18 pieces of 12 mm.

I was happy the bill was less.

I decided to get a load of slab wood to use to brace the wimpier plywood. I asked the mission boy if he thought it would work. “Well, most of it is pretty anemic, but you might find enough stronger sticks.”

My mind was thinking of my kindling pile this past winter and all the raw barked pieces. I was also thinking of a little house on a hill, and of how raw bark trim would look around the living room windows.

So I was happy again when I got a load of scraps dumped off at the end of my lane. I started thinking slab wood furniture.

A few days later it rained and a passing driver helped himself to some slabs to fill in a large mud puddle.

But my spirits were not dampened.

This morning I finished a coffee table. Except for the finishing.

I like how wood can be drilled and sanded; how it can be fasted and hammered. And I love how it doesn’t complain or balk or turn in messy papers.

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