Summer Break

Summer has come and with it this blog has fallen silent.

Not intentionally. But the rush of vacation has kept me from my computer. So now the house is hot, my blog is cold, and I’ve put me down in a coffee shop for some catch-up.

This post is about my summer work. My next several posts will tell of other activities a teacher could engage in to recreate.

A teacher joke sticks with me.

The teacher is asked to give three reasons for teaching. He replies, “June, July, and August.”

It’s true to many degrees. Could teachers hold up if they had to teach for twelve months? Could they afford it?

This summer is finding me pulling wires and digging holes and pouring concrete for an electric company. I’m grateful for the boosted income; it helps support my habit. And I’m grateful for the chance to get out and work in the dirt.img_8037IMG_8058


Because a teacher needs to keep his muscles in tune. He has desks to move, books to carry, and little boys to impress.

The last day of school I was wrapping up reports in the school office when a fourth and a fifth grader came by to give me cookies and a welcome diversion.

I can’t say how it happened, but they were soon asking about my muscle.

And eyes wide, they demanded to take a picture ;/

Pehaps they realized what a risk they had been running all year.

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