Olde Time – The Holy Father

Way back before you were born, way back before your father or grandfather was born, way back before even Moses was born, God was. God always was. God existed even before the world began; He is the One who started it. He is the Father of everything.

But when did God begin? He didn’t begin because He always was. He never wasn’t. God can’t be wasn’t. God is. One time God told Moses to call Him “I am that I Am”. That’s one of His names. The One who was and is and always shall be.

God is not easy to understand because we aren’t very much like him. Nothing that we know is very much like Him. Yet all true things that we know are part of Him.

It is also hard to explain what God looks like, because it is not possible for us to see God and live. But we can see little parts of Him in everything He has created. God really does want us to know Him and to see Him. He gave us the Bible so that we could know Him. He gave us Jesus so that we could see Him.

Moses one time wanted to see God. So God put Moses in a cave and then while God walked away Moses got to see God’s back. But man can’t see the face of God and live.

Ezekiel saw the spirits of God one time. He described them as looking like fire and as having wheels within wheels and with eyes everywhere.

God is a being very full of mystery and awe. He is Holy. Beings in His presence repeat “Holy, Holy, Holy” over and over, and they bow. They cover their faces and put them to the dust. You will also someday bow to Him. God’s holiness is one thing that is not at all like us.

God is so far above us that we really can’t comprehend Him. He exists totally in and of Himself; He needs no food or drink or sleep or friends or money. He has angels which He has created and these angels keep Him company. They do whatever He asks of them. And they love Him very much because He made them. God likes making things. Everything God makes is perfectly beautiful. Sometimes we look at what He makes and we think it is very commonplace or very odd. But many times, if we would look a little longer, we’d realize that the oddness or the commonness in the things God creates makes those things the most beautiful of all…

2 thoughts on “Olde Time – The Holy Father

  1. I’m not familiar with it. Thanks for the link. The sample looks promising. This blesses me because my prayer and goal with this project is that young minds could find here the beauty of the kingdom from an objective point of view, and that in every detail Biblical theology is taught so that those who read will find in themselves an echo of these same truths and an unquenchable ache for the Kingdom of God.

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