Olde Time – The Holy Father cont.

One day God decided to make a world and fill it with trees and rivers and mountains and fruits and flowers and animals. And God decided to make a whole different being to care for this beautiful country and to keep it beautiful for Him. This is when God first thought about you. He decided to call this being Man.

God would then be able to come to this country He created and walk and talk with Man. Together they would enjoy its beauty. God would be glad talking with Man and seeing how happy Man was with the beautiful country. Man would be glad talking with God and being so happy that God had made Him and had given him such a happiest of all happy lives. And in the happiness of man, God would be worshiped. In the beauty of the creation, in the wise way man took care of the beautiful country, God would be worshiped.

God decided that Man would be able to choose whether or not he worshiped God. In this way Man would be different from the beautiful world that God planned. The beautiful world would worship God day and night and there was no beast, or bird, or butterfly in all that beautiful world that would ever stop worshiping Him.

Man’s ability to choose also made him a little different than the angels. There had been a time way way back, before God made the beautiful world, in which the angels had been able to choose whether or not to worship God. In fact, way way back there was a war in heaven. There was one angel that God had made more important than all the other angels. This angel decided he was still not important enough. So he tried to make a war with God so that he could be the strongest of all. He must have forgotten that God had made him and that God holds all the power that exists. So he lost the war.

But when Satan puffed himself up before God, one third of all the other angels also forgot who made them. When Satan fell from heaven, one third of all the angels followed him out the door. Those angels all chose not to worship God. And they never can and never will choose to worship God.

But God did feel sorry for them. He didn’t destroy them right away. He thought they might find out for themselves what a mistake they had made. And sure enough, soon they started destroying themselves. But right way God got ready a great big lake clear full of fire that stinks like rotten eggs. One day God is going to tell that big bad angel that he has to come. And all the angels who hate God will come with him and God will catch them and throw them into that stinky fire.

But that has not happened yet. The bad angels are still running around outside of heaven. And they knew God was making a beautiful country for people called men.

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