The Beautiful Country

One day after God had thought about how He wanted to make the beautiful country, He started speaking. That was it. He just said “Let there be light.” And light was. This was not unusual for God. He could think about many things; and then when He opened His mouth and told them to be, they came into being. God told dry land to appear and be separated from the sea. He told the sun and moon and stars to shine. His words fell like seeds into the ground, and trees and plants shot up. Fish swam in the water, birds flew in the sky.

So God made a beautiful country and He made man, and later woman. But when God made man, He didn’t just speak. God first shaped man with His hands, then He leaned down and breathed breath into man’s mouth. This was kind of like speaking God’s words into man’s mouth, and it made man a living soul. Souls don’t ever die, and you are a soul.

The man and later the woman were the happiest that people ever were in that beautiful country God made. God called the man, Adam.

But Adam did have one problem, he was lonely. God asked him to name all the animals and see if he could find one of them to be his friend. So Adam called them by their names and God brought them to him one by one and Adam loved them all. But as he felt the new antlers growing on the deer and scratched the squirrels under their chins and ran his fingers along the spines of the crocodiles, Adam felt lonelier and lonelier. He wouldn’t have needed to feel lonely because he could talk to God. Yet he longed for something like himself, someone who stood on two feet, someone beautiful who could be with him all the time and take away his loneliness.

God noticed that Adam was lonely and He understood. He decided to make a new person who could be Adam’s friend. One day God made Adam fall into a deep sleep. While Adam slept, God worked. He took a rib out of the side of Adam, and sewed his body back over the empty spot. From the rib, God shaped a woman. He made her in His own image, but he made her a little weaker, and quite a bit more beautiful than Adam. God wanted Adam to love the woman and her beauty, and He wanted the woman to need Adam and his strength.

God brought the woman to Adam and called his name, “Adam, Adam?” Adam opened one eye, and then the other. He saw the woman and rose slowly to his feet. He felt a little bit shy, but he could see that the woman was not afraid of him. He also saw that she was very beautiful. Adam reached down to where God had sewed up his body. He thought about how lonely he had been. Now God had taken away part of him and given it to this woman. He knew he would never be complete without her.

“Her name is Eve,” Adam said. He opened his arms and pulled her close and hugged her and whispered into her ear, “You are bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh. I will never be complete without you. You are beautiful. With me you will be strong.”

God smiled. He liked making beautiful things.

6 thoughts on “The Beautiful Country

  1. A book? I took the story through the curse last night. It is far from finished. And at every turn I find myself drawn in and entrapped. How to keep it fresh? How to keep it consistent with scripture? How to keep from adding or subtracting? I don’t know if I have enough Dickens in me to survive having invited everyone onto a freight train that could jump the rails at any moment. Perhaps the story shall roll safely home. Perhaps it shall end in a mystifying catastrophe.

  2. Beautiful. I was thinking too that once the series is done it should be a book. Don’t give up! I look forward to the next installments!
    PS. One thought–I came across these words lately (in Daughters of Promise) by Judy Beachy: “Genesis 1 states that “God created man in His own image…
    male and female created He them.” It is worth noting that the
    creation of woman was not an afterthought of the Creator.
    In fact, one could argue that woman is the crowning glory
    of creation, considering that God waited until Adam had
    opportunity to notice that he had no companion as all of the
    animals did, then produced woman in the dramatic fashion
    that He did!”

  3. I’m not saying, by the way, that this quote opposes the picture you’ve painted–rather, it’s just another angle of the story…

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