In His Hands

Perhaps some teachers teach for the chance to create beautiful bulletin boards. I don’t. I do care about the decor of the room and love a good bulletin board; but the work of it and finding the right materials for creation are not my favorite divisions of school teaching.

So often I try to get the students to help me.

This bulletin board is inspired by the song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” I divided the students into teams and gave them each a part of the board to paint or create.

I loved the finished product.


Bonk that Homework

I’d never heard of fish bonkers before I was a teacher. But one year when my décor was everything fishing, I explored the sports section of the local Walmart and discovered a handy wooden club with a whimsical set of instructions.

The club was threatening. So I repurposed the instruction booklet for my own means and displayed it on the class wall.

Low Door

This Christmas bulletin board was built by fastening up cedar fencing slats. They can be fastened with screws or nails, but if you put on a paper backing and staple it especially tight, the boards can be hot glued to the paper. The poem is by Margaret Penner Toews. I had no large paper, so I painstakingly printed and glued and burnt around that piece.